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Powernet® model

Electrical charging and wireless connectivity in a single device.

  • Electrical recharging for two vehicles simultaneously or for other devices
  • Internet access in Wi-Fi mode
User authentication by means of (either):
  • Badge reading by an RFID reader
  • Sending a text message
  • Using a special app for smartphones and tablets
Communication between terminal and user:
  • Display of data and instructions for the recharging process, via 5.7" LCD display with anti-vandalism features (IK08) and, where necessary, protection against UV rays; display clearly legible even in bright sunlight
  • LED display indicating the operational status of the individual socket
Energy delivery functionality:
  • Automatic locking of the plug
  • Station-car communication (complying with recharge mode 3 under IEC 61851-1:2011);
    • Periodic calculation of maximum deliverable current
    • Constant monitoring of the car's state of charge
  • Delivered energy count
  • Backup power supply for control electronics
Remote management:
  • Software/firmware updating
  • Setting configuration parameters
  • Management of recharging and Wi-Fi connectivity services (authentication, payments, SMS, data saving);
  • Access to data by an authorized device
  • Remote diagnostics
Features of Wi-Fi Connectivity available for people in the surrounding area:
  • nternet connectivity at 2 Mbps via Wi-Fi hotspot access-point, accessible with any device equipped with a Wi-Fi network card
  • Coverage of a circular area with a radius of 10 m around the charging station
Mechanical Characteristics:
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 220 mm    Height: 1620 mm    Weight: 65 kg
  • Material: AISI 304 stainless steel, to which customized covers can be applied
  • IP protection grade: IP44
  • IK Protection grade: IK10 (Mechanical structure), IK08 (Sockets and LCD displays)
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to 50°C
  • Relative humidity level tolerated: 5% to 95%
Electrical characteristics:
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Earthing system: TT, TN-C,TN-S (depending on the type of upstream network)
  • Electrical power supply: AC 230 V – 1P+N+T; AC 400 V – 3P+N+T
Standards and certifications:
  • Compliance with directives: 2006/95/EC, 2004/108/EC, 1999/05/EC
  • Compliance with standards: IEC 61851-1:2011, IEC 61851-22:2003
Field of use Type of sockets
Outdoor public area Schuko not usable
Indoor public area Schuko not usable
Corporate/condominium area All

Two sockets can be provided, chosen from among those shown in the table below.

Socket Protection degree Presence of cover Anti-extraction lock Supply voltage Energy delivered Type of charging
Current Power
IPXXB Yes Yes AC 230 V Max 16 A 3 kW ---(1)
Type 2
IPXXB Yes Yes AC 230 V
AC 400 V
16 A
32 A
3 kW
22 kW
Type 3A
IPXXD Yes Yes AC 230 V 16 A 3 kW Slow
Type 3C
IPXXD Yes Yes AC 230 V
AC 400 V
16 A
32 A
3 kW
22 kW

(1) The Schuko socket can be used for recharging electrical devices of any kind, but only at private sites, closed to third parties.
The other three sockets, which are compliant with IEC 62196-1:2011, enable an electric car to be recharged using charging mode 3 which, with reference to the charging modes in alternating current for conductive recharging of electric cars considered by IEC 61851-1:2011, is the only mode permitted in Italy in public places or at sites open to third parties.

Patent utility model granted.
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