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Customisation of functions and services, range of covers. to create the correct mix for every location

LAMPIONET's modular construction is the key feature of its engineering. All installations can be made up with the modules and services considered to be necessary, creating the correct mix for every location. Each module can function independently or share its resources with the other installed modules, thus optimising the investment made.

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For example, the connectivity module can offer web navigation to users, but at the same time can provide the data connection to the video surveillance module for remote management of security, and also to the Content Management and Digital Signage module. Each project and each installation can thus be customised to meet specific requirements. The aesthetic appearance of LAMPIONET can be customised using a range of covers to integrate it appropriately with its surroundings. This architectural feature itself is an innovation in the field of street furniture. LAMPIONET thus becomes a hub of functions and services which can grow over time, modified to respond to new requirements, or replaced by new functionalities which become necessary, reducing implementation costs and installation times.

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